Edible Classroom is my inspired hands on "passion project" that connects young students with nature in an engaging way. I try to provide experiences in areas I consider essential skills like gardening, cooking, carpentry & more, which are also areas that keep my ideas flowing and staying inspired for my clients. I happily give one afternoon a week to the participating classroom, with students ranging from kindergarten to grade 8. I am proud to donate $200 from each real estate transaction to fund this 4 season, school integrated program. I have had the pleasure of inspiring and being inspired by hundreds of children and getting our hands dirty since 2015.

This 4 season indoor gardening program is designed for Canadian elementary school classrooms. The objective of the program is to re-connect children with nature and empower essential life skills for a healthy, productive future. I founded the program with the collaboration and support of teachers and the program has been successful at integrating engaging, natural experiences with core curriculum strands in math, art, language, science, health and nutrition. I designed the garden itself to be an object of beauty in the classroom, to inspire calmness and creative thought for the students and their forward thinking, collaborative teachers. I am a very visual person and find great inspiration by what my senses absorb around me. I wanted to provide something sensory and useful for students, especially those that may rely on different experiences to excel. As the project moves forward, new ideas, inspiration and collaborations will further expand the rich learning experiences the program offers to students from Kindergarten to grade 8.

Laura McBride,Your Inspired Realtor®